Our rooms

icon7(1)Babies Room – 3 months-2 years

Our Teachers provide an unhurried environment where infants can move freely, and grow and develop at their own pace. We strive to develop strong relationships with your child, as we believe that these relationships are fundamental in developing  a sense of wellbeing, security and trust. We recognise that infants are competent individuals and our program plans are based on observation, highlighting children’s strengths and interests.

icon8(1)Toddler Room – 2-3 years

At this age your child’s independence is extended and built upon. Their skills to manage themselves as individuals and as members of a group are supported and encouraged through a range of activities. These daily activities manifest themselves as learning through play, encouraging your child to develop language, communication and social skills while extending their concentration.

icon9(1)Preschool Room – 3-5 years

At this stage your child will experience daily activities which provide free choice within a structure that takes place in both indoor and outdoor contexts individually and within a group. We will focus on assisting your child to discover who they are, so they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas. Activities with numeracy and literacy focuses will help your child develop age appropriate and extended skills that will aid in the transition to Primary Education.